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Duty to God
                                A Scout Is Reverent
Sikh Gudwara, San Jose
Our Scout Is Reverent Mission
  • Troop 260 is committed to providing opportunities for Scouts and their families to practice the 12th point of the Scout Law along side the "duty to God" in the Scout Oath. In doing so we endeavor to expose the participants to some basic information regarding the customs, beliefs and practices of the various religious groups whose services or celebrations we participate in. At the same time we provide insight to these various groups regarding Scouting's commitment to respecting all faiths.
Our Visits
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Where & When We Meet
Troop 260 meets every Monday at 7pm. The last Monday of the month is the night the junior staff meet for planning and schedule reviews. At 7:30 pm the Troop committee, senior staff and parents meet for conducting Troop business and planning. Visitors are welcome at any of the meetings. Please check out current TROOP CALENDAR for specifics! The address & map are below.
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Christ the Good Shepherd Church
                1550 Meridian Ave.
               San Jose, CA 95125