Nicholas C. Matulich

   Nick started his outings with the Troop early. His father  had gone through Troop 260 as a Scout (Eagle #5) and was still with the Troop as an Assistant Scoutmaster where Nick was brought along on Scout outings as early as 3 years old. He did his first 50 miler when he was 8. At age 5 he had already done a 3 day traverse of the Sierra-Nevada mountains by dogsled, driving a single all white Alaskan Malamute named NaKeena on a solo sled (see pictures just below). He is an avid and very competent outdoorsman and skilled adventurer. Canoeing, Dogsledding, , climbing, target shooting, bike riding, backpacking, fishing and hiking are some of interests, some of which he also has instructed others in.

   Besides the outdoor interests Nick is an exceptional artist, doing both acclaimed fantasy  and nature subjects. He is attending Sonoma State University in California where he is pursuing a Fine Arts degree.

Hawk On A Pumpkin (Nature Art)    Steam Punk Dragon (Fantasy Art)


Shoulder Buddies   (comic strip)     Bird of Prey   (Tlingit/tattoo style)